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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jessica Alba Into The Blue Poster

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia Poster

Chronicles of Narnia-Advance
Chronicles of Narnia-Advance
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Brokeback Moutain Mini Poster

Friday, February 24, 2006

Jessica Alba - "Fantastic Four (2005)"

Jessica Alba voted showbiz's sexiest by teens in the UK.

Jessica Alba has 'Fantastic' hopes, craves more 'Sin' @ The Miami Herald.com

Jessica Alba: Airbrushing is Norm

"They enhanced my chest a little bit. They always do it. And in the poster for Fantastic Four - they did it big time!", The Sun quoted her as telling Access Hollywood.

Fantastic 4

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux

Cool Aeon Flux Links

Aeon Flux-Trailer Quicktime

Aeon Flux-Trailer

Aeon Flux- Various Clips

Aeon Flux- Extra Featurette

Aeon Flux at IMDB

Interesting Articles about Aeon Flux

The company that is producing Aeon Flux, Majesco Entertainment Company Reports Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results

Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux: No Nudity!

Hollywood star Charlize Theron forced movie bosses to change her costume design for forthcoming movie Aeon Flux after deciding her character's original outfit was too revealing.

A Ferocious Flux

From her intense training regimen to a two-month recovery process following a near-paralyzing injury, actress Charlize Theron says Aeon Flux was like nothing she’s done before.

By Christina Radish of FilmStew.com

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A review of All Posters.Com

A review of All Posters.Com.

The Movie category at All Posters.Com contains over 16,000 posters. They call themselves "The World Largest Poster and Print Store" and when you consider their selection of movie posters it is difficult to argue with this claim.

The site is easy to navigate, they provide some easy features that allow you to find just what you are looking for. They offer a help section that helps to define there search methods. The tools they provide allow you to browse their complete selection, peruse a particular category, or search for a specific item. They also provide galleries for each broad category, where they highlight new arrivals, top sellers, & customer favorites. This makes it easy to search by just looking at the various posters.

The browsing features is best when you are not sure what you are looking for or what's available. You can also brows by using their "Category Jump" box with its drop-down menu for broad categories. Perusing is for when you know what you like but need some ideas. You can view the category link on the left side navigation bar on each page of their site. This allows you to click on a category link and view multiple subsets within that category. If you like animals, for example, you can click on the animal category link and you will see animals that range from armadillos to zebras.

Searching is for when you know what you are looking for. To use this feature you just type a key word in the "Search" box and select enter or click the arrow icon. The search will yield broad results for your review. For example, if you are looking for the upcoming 50 cents movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and you enter in the search term "50 Cents" you will see the following results to choose from;

50 Cents (11 images)
50 Cents (music) (9 images)
50 Cents (films) (2 images)

The browsing feature for movies offers you the ability to Brows movies by actor, Fantasy films, and there is a selection for action and adventure films.

Brows Movies by Actor
Fantsy Films
Action & Adventure Movies

Another helpful way to brows the movie posters at All Posters.Com is by release dates, you have the ability to look at the coming soon and just released sections.

Comming Soon
Now Playing

Over all I would say that All Posters.Com is one of the best movie poster sites that you will find on line.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What Are Those Movie Poster Worth

The RadlandsDailyFacts.com has an interesting article about the worth of movie posters and it offers some tips for the collector. You can read the article; What's it worth to THEM?

part of the article can be found below.

In Los Angeles, especially - but also throughout the world - movie posters have become an especially hot pop-culture collectible. Because of that, "Antiques Roadshow" is filming a special segment for its L.A. visit in which appraiser Rudy Franchi visits the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's Margaret Herrick Library, which has massive archives for posters, movie stills, costume-design sketches and other material.

"They want a one-sheet (movie poster) for every film that won best picture," says the L.A.-based Franchi, who represents Dallas' Heritage Galleries on "Antiques Roadshow," but also is a part-owner of the poster- dealing Nostalgia Factory. He and his wife, Barbara, also wrote "Miller's Movie Collectibles."

"When I was doing poster auctions for Christie's, I found on consignment the only known copy of 'Grand Hotel,' one of only two gaps they have," Franchi says. "And they eventually bought it for $50,000 at auction." ("Grand Hotel" was 1932's best picture; the other missing poster is 1933's "Cavalcade.")

Genuine movie posters are limited-supply promotional material rarely if ever sold in stores as new merchandise. Franchi says the greatest risk for poster collectors is in purchasing unmarked reproductions sold by unscrupulous dealers. (By law, reproductions must be so labeled.)

He recommends either buying from reputable dealers or scouring flea markets for finds.

"If somebody has an 'original' `Casablanca' poster and wants $500, it's just the wrong price. It's either going to be $15,000 or $10 - $500 just screams 'reproduction.' If they know it's valuable, why wouldn't they know how valuable it really is?"

Oddly enough, the most valuable posters are of horror and science-fiction movies.

"A good horror film outgrosses 'Casablanca' or `Gone With the Wind' any day - as will a major science-fiction film like 'The Day the Earth Stood Still,' " Franchi says.

That's because baby boomers who were intensely affected by 1950s horror and sci-fi (and their antecedents, like 1932's "The Mummy") can now afford to buy memorabilia from those films. Because their demand exceeds supply, prices are driven up.

"So if you come out of theater now and say, 'That movie changed my life,' buy the poster today because in 30 years you'll be paying 100 times that amount," Franchi says.

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